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RM117 - Funny Fishing

Model No.︰RM117
Brand Name︰-
Country of Origin︰China
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Product Description
4-Persons Fishing Game

 RM-117, Funny Fishing

Brief Description:

Insert coin, game starts. Manipulate the control rod to move the fishnet, press the button to catch the fish at the right time. Awarded with different amount of coins when get different fish, when you get the special fish, enter into special game scene, and there is a chance to catch more fishes and award more coins. There are four ways to play: a single mode, double mode, triad mode, quaternary mode, the players can work together to catch a big fish, enjoy more interesting in the game. Hurry up to join the catching fish contest! The better your skill, the more awards you win.

Product Specification:

Dimension: W1170*D1120*H2090mm
Weight: 130kg/155kg
Power: 500W
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